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My love affair and appreciation of all things handmade was born from my father, a master craftsman and builder of custom homes. At an early age I began collecting handmade treasures from around the world. My collections ranged from Russian lacquer boxes to primitive art from Africa and New Guinea.

It was during my first trip to Italy in 1983, that I fell in love with the hand painted Italian majolica, and I knew I had found my next career in life. I was destined to leave my career as a healthcare administrator, following a career as a microbiologist to launch Laguna Imports, Inc and later my 2 retail locations in Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo California.

I import Majolica from the finest family artisans and have developed lasting friendships with many of them. “ When we take our trips to Italy and Greece, the families invite my husband and myself to their homes to share delicious meals and special family events. We’ve had many once in a lifetime special experiences.”

Fiori’s collection of Majolica is extensive. Fiori has everything from antique reproduction pieces of museum quality painted by master artisans to decorative accessories with traditional motifs and contemporary designs. Each piece is completely handmade and hand painted. The artisans use a technique that dates back to the 13th century which involves firing and dipping the earthenware in a tin oxide glaze before painting the design.

Many of the pieces depict traditional themes such as geometric designs, the Italian countryside, mythological figures and fruits and flowers. Each piece is a unique work of art with a history as a functional piece.

Fiori is considered an art gallery. Part of the collection includes the work of Italian master majolica painters whose pieces are already in private collections and museums around the world. These limited production pieces are featured in our Masterpiece Gallery.

Much of my inventory is made to order according to my specifications. I select the colors and designs to be painted on various shapes. Over the years, many of my suppliers and the artists themselves have come to value my opinion. We develop new designs together based on my input. Some designs are made exclusively for Fiori.

“People travel to my store every year just to add to their collection and that thrills me! My philosophy is that there can never be too much beauty in the world, and it’s my distinct pleasure to be the liaison between these special artists and my customers.” Ciao, Bonnie


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